IDO Global Corporation was honored to have a special visit by Jacksonville City Council Woman Joyce Morgan. Councilwoman Morgan represents District 1, which includes the Regency area, including the site of the IDO Florida Outlet and the exciting new AsianTown development announced last week.

AsianTown will be the family gathering place for the whole community, of any heritage or background, to celebrate Asian culture and cuisine. AsianTown will be a place for people to celebrate the holidays and special events from more than 20 different countries. From India to Japan, China to Indonesia, the Philippines to Sri Lanka. AsianTown will be the place to experience the color, the music, the culture and customs of the world.

Councilwoman Morgan Praised the vision, the investment and the leadership of IDO in bringing this long-overdue cultural hub to Jacksonville!

“I’m all about the quality of life, and this new development will greatly improve the quality of life for all of Jacksonville,” she commented. “Regency represented the very best of Jacksonville for so many decades; the shopping, the dining, the entertainment, everything. And now AsianTown is such a fresh new concept, one that will put Regency back on top, and bring hundreds of new jobs, and thousands of new visitors to the area. I just can’t say enough how excited we are about IDO and AsianTown, and we want to do whatever we can to ensure that this is a huge success!”

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