At the invitation of City Council Member Joyce Morgan, IDO made a special presentation at a Town Hall meeting in the Arlington neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. There were close to 100 in attendance, including speakers from the Police, Fire and Parks and Recreation Departments of the city government. The audience included community leaders, church leaders and many long-time residents of this central Jacksonville neighborhood.

IDO presented information and updates about the IDO/AsianTown development underway at Regency Square, followed by a short but very active question and answer session. The body of the presentation provided background on IDO’s “World at your Doorstep” concept, and explained how AsianTown so naturally grew out of this. A key message of the presentation being that home repair and improvement involves a few projects over the course of a year, and IDO outlets will be there to help you make better choices and save money – while AsianTown will provide a place to bring the family every week, to enjoy the food and culture of this amazing community.

The Q&A provided opportunities to discuss IDO’s role as consultants, helping manufacturers establish good business in the US, advising on issues like quality control, and creating networks of opportunity for builders, installers and interior decorators in the US. Also touched upon were the alignments IDO is creating for light manufacturing in Free Trade Zones that create opportunities for market expansion for manufacturers in both Asia and the US. This will create more jobs on US soil, in addition to the estimated 300 or more employed by the IDO Outlet stores at Regency.

A high point of the presentation was in the explanation of why IDO chose Regency to be the premiere location for these new business models. As a major US port city, “Jacksonville is a crossroads of the world. Regency is the crossroads of Jacksonville, and AsianTown will be the crossroads for a growing, diverse and multicultural community.”

Everyone in attendance was enthusiastically looking forward to a revitalized Regency Square, and to the grand opening of AsianTown slated for the fall of 2017.

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