A meeting at IDO headquarters on April 11 became a virtual ‘High-Tech Summit’. Attendees from the Jacksonville Community of Entrepreneurs, Jacksonville City Council, the Council on Economic Development and JJ Atlantic Investment Group were joined by emerging technology company, Lumbee Group and the head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss opportunities for closer […]

IDO invited to Speak at Town Hall Meeting

At the invitation of City Council Member Joyce Morgan, IDO made a special presentation at a Town Hall meeting in the Arlington neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. There were close to 100 in attendance, including speakers from the Police, Fire and Parks and Recreation Departments of the city government. The audience included community leaders, church leaders […]

Councilwoman Joyce Morgan Praises AsianTown Project

IDO Global Corporation was honored to have a special visit by Jacksonville City Council Woman Joyce Morgan. Councilwoman Morgan represents District 1, which includes the Regency area, including the site of the IDO Florida Outlet and the exciting new AsianTown development announced last week. AsianTown will be the family gathering place for the whole community, […]

AsianTown Receives a Warm Reception

Asiantown was formally announced at the headquarters of IDO Global Corporation on Wednesday. In a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, IDO president Mr. Jerry Lee welcomed Jacksonville entrepreneur Pete Qiu as an important co-developer of the pan-Asian shopping and cultural complex scheduled to open at Regency Square in the fall of 2017. The event introduced the concept […]

IDO announces the official launch of AsianTown Jacksonville

The momentum behind IDO Global Corporation revitalization of Regency took another giant leap forward on Friday with the official launch of AsianTown Jacksonville. As final preparations are underway for the first IDO Florida store openings at Regency Square on April 6th, another major event took place on Friday with the signing ceremony that will establish […]

IDO hosts meeting with major residential and commercial developers

IDO welcomed both commercial and residential builder representatives and discussed the many logistical synergies between their needs for quality materials and fixtures, and the wide selection of manufacturer’s products imported through IDO. With purchases estimated to exceed $28 Million, this was an important first meeting and IDO provided in depth presentations on Client Services, Retail […]

IDO introduces the AsianTown retail concept to the Jacksonville Office of Economic Development

Support and enthusiasm grows for the IDO Florida Outlet Mall at Regency. Invited guest, Mr. Joe Whitaker of the Jacksonville Office of Economic Development met with the lead team of IDO to discuss long range plans and immediate actions involving the revitalization of Regency and the upcoming store openings on April 6th. One part of […]